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Here in Methven, we value community, authenticity, friendliness and family. These are inherent attributes of our culture and what makes it so special. This is a place where they thrive, and quintessential Kiwi culture is embraced.

Industry and the environment work in harmony here, creating a sustainable economic future. We embrace an alpine way of life and the natural environment that surrounds us, working together as partners and community members. We seek out opportunities for innovative and sustainable industrial growth that enhances our high quality of life in balance with developing the economy.


We work our land but also protect it for future generations, recognising the value of our history and the foundations on which our community has been built.

Growth depends strongly on respect for the natural environment, our unique culture, and the people of our community. The economy is robust, yet reliant upon industries that are influenced by factors beyond our direct control – mainly the weather! As a community we are committed to diversifying our economic base by encouraging new and merging industries, tourism or leisure industries that are based on our alpine environment, and industries that provide value-added services to our rural sector.


Our focus will always be economic development that supports our quality lifestyle.

It’s the good life here. Nature surrounds us and is never far from sight or reach, Respect for our environment is core to our rural and alpine culture. We live a healthy, active and outdoors based lifestyle, and people each other with respect and dignity that creates a culture of mutual trust and safety.

Here, we look out for one another. There are many examples of the community pulling together to make things happen. One example is the Methven Care Trust, a charity set upto fundraise for, and oversee, a new aged care facility for Methven to replace the existing Methven House. Volunteers drive our fire service, ambulance and community groups that rescue, save and provide in times of need.

Methven really is the real New Zealand. Come and see for yourself.

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