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Wander down Jackson Street on a Monday evening and you may catch the sound of angelic voices streaming from the Presbytarian Church. Peek in the windows and you’ll see a gaggle of women singing their hearts out in four-part harmony. It is the meeting place Fascinating Ladies, Methven’s very own all female choir.

Led by Kate Lambarth, and started in September 2016, this choir is more than about just singing. It brings together women from all different walks of life, who come together chat, laugh, share stories and, most importantly, sing. Kate describes is as a small family, and loves seeing the joy it brings. Cake night every few weeks is also a big drawcard.

“I had been wanting to start a choir for a while as I love the happiness it can bring people. I also wanted there to be a space that women could escape their households for one night and meet new people.”

She had been a tad apprehensive but, encouraged by locals, she bit the bullet. The results have been impressive with the choir now in demand for performances throughout the district.

And as for the name? The ladies started wearing navy fascinators for performances, and the name Fascinating Ladies stuck. Keep an eye out for performances held around the community.

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